Group Description

Plant Science and Biotechnology Research Group comprises 11 researcher/lecturers who have plant biotechnology background and supported by one academic assistant. The group mainly focuses on 4 research agenda which are: 1)  Creating new material or plant product, 2) Plant adapted to environmental stresses, 3) Plant biodiversity and bioprospecting, and 4) Improvement of plant growth, quality and reproductivity.


Group Roadmap

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Head Rizkita R. Esyanti, Dr. Secondary Metabolites


Ahmad Faizal, Dr. Specialized Metabolites
Andira Rahmawati, M.Si. Plant Morphogenesis
Eri Mustari, Dr. Plant Breeding
Erly Marwani, Dr. Plant Biotechnology
Iriawati, Dr. Plant Development
Novi Tri Astutiningsih, M.Sc. Precision Agriculture
Sri Nanan B. Widiyanto, Prof. Plant Biotechnology
Taufikurahman, Dr. Ecophysiology
Totik Sri Mariani, Dr. Plant Physiology
Trimurti Hesti Wardini, Dr. Plant Development
Yeyet Setiawati, M.P. Ecophysiology

Academic Assistants

Ristag Hamida

Lab Technicians