Trimurti Hesti Wardini, Dr.

Plant Development

Plant Morphogenesis

The research is focused on wide array of plants ranging from annual crops, horticulture, ornamental plants to trees


PhD Students

Master Students

Undergraduate Students

Gina AuliaBiology

Sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius Fabr) control by extract of Tagetes erecta

Wina SuprianiBiology

Sweet potato weevil (Cylas formicarius Fabr) control by natural insecticide


Trimurti Hesti Wardini and Peni Astrini Notodarmojo. 2015. TPK Sarimukti, Cipatat, West Bandung compost toxicity test using Allium test. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1677, 110006. [ fulltext ]

NoCourse CodeCourseCredit Unit
1BI-2001General Environmental Science2
2BI-3110Plant Microtechnique & Analysis2
3BW-2103Plant Anatomy and Physiology1.5
4BT-6090Master Reasearch II and Seminar1