Ahmad Faizal

Metabolit sekunder

Ahmad Faizal is interested in the field of plant secondary metabolite and metabolic engineering. He developes strategies to modulate a triterpene saponin (a class of secondary metabolite) production from medicinal plants. These are including the classic tissue culture techniques, polyploidization, genetic engineering of uncommon plant species using Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, flow cytometry, and metabolic engineering.

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Dr. Ahmad Faizal

Gedung Labtek XI Lantai 4.

Lab Mikropropagasi dan Transformasi

Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati - Institut Teknologi Bandung

Ganesa 10, 40132 Bandung. Indonesia



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NoCourse CodeCourseCredit Unit
1BE-3101Quantitative Approach of Plant Physiology1.5
2BA-2101Plant Physiology and Development2.5
3BI-5001Research Design2
4BI-5090Magister Research I0.5
5BI-6090Magister Research II and Seminar0.5
6BI-6091Thesis and Final Oral Examination0.5