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Proceeding of JSPSP

The Plant Science and Biotechnology research group, School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology in collaboration with University Kebangsaan Malaysia, proudly present The Joint Symposium on Plant Sciences and Products.

This conference is to build a scientific forum that can bring together reliable experts, researchers, academics, observers, and industry to accelerate the down streaming of research results in the plant and microalgae-based bioindustry fields. The movement of scientific direction which tends to fade boundaries and brings forth trans disciplinarily towards sustainable or scientific complexes encourages the holding of scientific forums in both fields.

The first symposium was held in 2019 with the theme “From Basic Research to Bioindustry”, continued in 2020, when the pandemic occurred, the symposium was held virtually and carried the themePlant and Microalgae Bioindustry for Ensuring Food Security and Clean Environment”. 


In 2022, The Plant Science and Biotechnology expertise group was delighted to propose to host the Bioindustry implementation that combines the fields of plant and microalgae, namely the 3rd Joint Symposium on Plant Sciences and Products 2022 with the theme Utilization of Biomass towards Strengthening Bioeconomy. This conference aims to promote utilization or transformation of plant and microalgae biomass to create valuable bioproducts for strengthening bioeconomy.